My name is Edgar Castuera and I was born in Mexico City. At age three my parents decided it was very important for me and for my siblings to learn how to Swim……..

……..that is when I began a journey I never imagined I would embark. A journey full of satisfactions but never the less a very hard one. In this journey I have met very successful athletes and successful professionals in many different fields and they all share many things in common that where key to their success. Discipline, Consistency, Patience, dedication and love for what they are doing but above all…a very strong Desire to reach those goals they have set. At age six, once again my parents thinking of the necessity for us to defend ourselves, me and my siblings were enrolled in the Korean art of Tae Kwon Do that not only would bring self defense techniques to our lives but a strong sense of discipline and dedication.

At age fourteen I decided to play football. As a line backer I felt the need to grow stronger and at fifteen years of age I began to lift weights. I developed an interest in bodybuilding and I then spent the next twenty five years of my life studying it, reading and investigating the best way to develop my body, how to become stronger and faster. This interest led me to become a Certified Personal Trainer by the Federaci√≥n Mexicana de Fisicoconstructivismo y Fitness in 1999. In 2001 I moved to Dallas Texas…..I continued my quest of Fitness. I acquired a PT Certification at The Cooper Institute of Dallas.

In 2006 I moved to the city of Los Angeles. After a few years working for a Gym I became independent, a private personal trainer.

I learned at an early age that to be able to reach a maximum level of fitness I needed to have a long term and extensive understanding of my body. A tight relationship that gradually would have to be developed over the years of intense exercise, proper nutrition, good supplementation and a very intense desire to transform my Body.