1 ON 1 Interactive Training


At CUF you will experience a high level of fitness with both the Trainer and the Facility.  Castuera UF operates from an All Private state of the art facility  in which the possibilities of drills and exercises are ENDLESS……..unlike those franchised and only-weights gyms.  This unique facility is named Matador Performance Center and it is located in the beautiful city of Pasadena California.

At MPC, you will be driven to another level of fitness and athleticism.  One of the most important features of MPC is the synthetic grass that allows us to perform outdoor drills indoors.  Sled pushing, Plyometrics with hard foam plyo boxes  (will never hurt your shins or knees), Sledge Hammer drills, Heavy Ropes, Medicine Balls, Kettle Bells, from Weight lifting to Boxing and more.

At CUF you will also experience an interactive training that provides our clients a more fun workout program than traditional personal training.  Who wants boring personal training sessions with a trainer just giving orders and counting reps?  I don’t.

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